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Outfit Styling

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

It was a “Seersucker and Eyelet in the garden” kind of day.

Do you know how to style outfits to make a beautiful picture or event? It’s important work! It sets the mood and tone for your special event and even how you feel! I typically find my inspiration, a dress, a color, a feeling, an object and create from there. I RARELY buy new, because I want the outfits that represent who we are, but who we are when we go to a fancy dinner, pre the kids eating and running around. Ha! I mean it has to be the *best version* of us right?!

After I decide on a "theme." I pull out colors that represent the affect I and going for, here, I knew we would be outside in beautiful, lush botanical gardens. I wanted soft, ethereal, soothing colors, yet playful for the children. I chose 3 colors to represent us and stuck with them. My husband had just ordered a seersucker suit for special events, and I an eyelet maxi dress. My husband hadn't even had the suit tailored yet, but once I tossed the two together, I knew it was a perfect mix. I remembered my daughter had a pink seersucker dress and what better color for a little girl?! We by the Grace of God, have a boy and a girl so using pink and blue was special to us. My son had a few pink shirts, but his pink seersucker coordinated the best. Using both colors was a sweet way to represent that we are coordinated as "one," yet represent ourselves through a mix of different colors. My daughter being in pink seersucker with blue whales, my son in a pink shirt with blue anchors and cornflower blue shorts, (we ditched the white ones for a blue "representation") and my husband in blue seersucker and myself in white. Have I mentioned that I love white? My husband has a saying about me, "When in doubt, paint it white."

( I also wore my emerald ring that was my "37 hours of labor push present" when I had my daughter. She will inherit this ring when she is ready. (NOT when I pass, I want to see her enjoy it first.) Choosing to were this was a special nod to her this time, and if she's as sentimental as I am, she will love seeing it in our family portraits when she is older.

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