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Baby Girl's Christening

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Like most women, I waited my whole life for my little girl. Her (tiny little) room was a dream to decorate as was planning her christening. As a teenager I worked in a boutique that sold heirloom style children’s clothing for special events. I saw a gorgeous lace christening dress 100 years ago (I'm almost that old) from Baby Beau and Belle and dreamed of putting my own daughter in it. When the day came, I remembered this special dress and I called the company. They had run out of the lace a few months back to make it and were completely sold out of inventory. They were trying but couldn’t find the lace in any of their travels across seas to and planned to discontinue the dress altogether. I was bummed. I scoured the internet, I called them back to tell them I would take a sample dress.. Anything! They had nothing. Along my journey I made friends with one of the girls who worked there. We chuckled about the dress, my teenage dream and my persistence.

I gave her my number *just in case* she came across something in the upcoming weeks and I began to plan in a different direction.

Fast fwd 2 months, I get a call from Jackie, my employee friend, saying she found one dress!!! However, it was a 6-12 month size, but she remembered me and wanted to see if I was interested in it. Um. Heck Yes!!! By that time my little lady had grown and was *in* a 6-12 month dress size! Needless to say we snagged the gown, I cried, thanked God for a special blessing and planned a gorgeous event to celebrate her faith and dedication (and Mom's) in God. I plan to keep the dress as an heirloom piece. Each baby will have their initials embroidered on the slip and will be encouraged to write some *blessings* about their special day in a journal, where this story is documented.

I am so pleased to report that the gown is BACK IN STOCK!!! If you are on the search for a gorgeous heirloom gown. this is THE ONE. The lace, the silk and the craftsmanship is exceptional! I truly could not recommend the dress enough. It is a breathtaking piece!

Click Directly On The Image Below To Shop This Breathtaking Gown!

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