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The Discovery Process

For those curious, this is how the design process typically works.. I meet with you and we discuss your roomful its functionality, your inspirations, wants and needs. This is typically in the form of Pinterest images, color inspiration and decor that you love. This is what I call the *Discovery Process.* It is THE MOST important step in designing because it is where the owner gets a "say" in the design process. It is never, ever a straight-line process because as I learn about you, you also learn more about yourself and the styles you like!   I've noticed that people typically like 1 or 2 styles and then have what I consider "sub-styles." These sub-styles are looks that we appreciate but that don’t actually reflect our personality. If it was in our own home, as Marie Kondo would say, it wouldn't "bring us joy!" These sub-styles can be found at someone else's home, or a Pottery Barn store, but its not "you!" When we buy furniture based on our sub-styles it often leaves us feeling like our room is lacking. And it is, it’s lacking our own personal touch and personality. Below are images of my best friends new, adorable house. She was so excited to get it and furnish it! She reached out to me with some inspirational pictures she saw on Pinterest and we began to chat about her room, what she envisioned, what colors she loves and how she wants her room to function. Even though she is my best friend (since we were 3!) and I know her as well as I know my own sister, I still went through a formal process with her. I didn't guess a single color or assume anything and let her tell me what she likes. I just listened. The first 2 images are what she sent to me via Pinterest for inspiration. Serene, calm rooms with traditional lines and clean furniture in a soft pallet. She likes navy and blues and some images reflected that.

After chatting I created 3 mood boards for her. (See images) She decided she liked the one with the most color and didn't like monochromatic neutrals after all! Next, we rug shopped. Some decorators will tell you to get the rug last. I disagree 1 million percent and ALWAYS get the rug first! It is the backdrop and grounding piece for the *entire* room. It can add an entire color story or keep the peace and quietly tie a room together. It's an important pick!!! I love rugs and I have a love-hate relationship with rug shopping because I am so picky with color, pattern and scale. I appreciate beautiful, quality rugs with complimentary colors and a great loom or weave. BUT, If the details aren't 100 percent accurate, the scale is off, or the texture is wrong, I bail and keep hunting for the *perfect* rug. Sometimes it takes me hours of research before I am satisfied with a rug!

My bestie Kelly ended up loving 3 teal rugs I send to her. We narrowed it down to *the one* and added and changed the decor. She was happy but she still felt like the room was missing something. I kept hearing her mention that "maybe she needed more color.." even though she just painted her living room a beautiful neutral color, and she thought she wanted a neutral living room, I knew what she wanted! Wall Color! (I also know that she is a fun-loving, creative person with an artistic streak, so wall color made sense for her!)

I sent her one last picture with a beautiful mineral-blue color accent wall. I chose to do the far wall and not the wall the TV is on because that far wall is the *backdrop wall*. This wall is the most viewed, you see when you look at the living room when you first walk in to the house and as you pass by it to go to other rooms. It is also a narrow wall and by painting it an accent color it actually creates the illusion that it is a wider wall then it is. A color perk.

Upon sending Kelly her final, unexpected color pop, she was SO happy! She got the beautiful soft colors she loves, (and that I knew she loved!) without it being boring. It is a nod back to her colorful, fun and creative personality. And a space that is sure to bring her and her family joy for years!

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