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Confessions of an Avid online shopper here! 🙋🏼‍♀️ ...I know what is out there and where to find it for the best price!

You know I don't believe in spending a lot on every piece of furniture you own. With the being said, it is important to curate your home. Heirloom pieces, a few investment pieces are important. They make a home feel luxe, original and elegant.

But the rest? We basically want it to disposable, like our clothing. Here's why: First, if you have kids and pets, its bound to get destroyed. And who wants to live in a museum?! Not ME! Second, if you're like me, to save yourself from wanting to move, you will want to revamp your space, and often. This means seasonal changing out of items like throws and pillows, artwork and decor. But sometimes, rooms that get a lot of use need bigger ticket items like chairs, tables, rugs, and couches. And, if you are still dead in the middle of the parenting trenches you won't want to invest a ton in furniture. Also, if you move again, you are BOUND to get new furniture for your new home. It's a given. So why invest so much, when things can change at any given moment? We don't want to marry our furniture and decor, we just want it to look pretty and be comfortable and not break the bank!

Let me help you find GREAT pieces of furniture at amazing prices. Together we can craft beautiful and functional rooms for you!

Lust: $2100 Restoration Hardware French Wingback Chair (picture 1)

Must: $397 (with 15% OFF) Baxton Studio French Accent Chair (picture 2)

Runner up: $429 Lark Manor Wingback Chair (picture 3)

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