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Living Room Layouts

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

This was a web consult. This client was moving in to a house where they were unsure of how to set up their living room. They found the space awkward and were unsure of what kind of couch to get for it. They have one living room area and as such, were thinking of a large couch for all of the family members.

Resolution: My recommendation was to get two conversation sofas, parallel them to each other, add two more wing chairs across from the fireplace and a coffee table. (as seen in the last image for inspiration.) Those sofas can be found right at IKEA and have slipcovers that can be washed or bleached.

Hint: You can add a piece of fabric the same color as the sofas and lay it on the cushions during the week. It blends in and you won't have to wash the slipcovers as much.

Decor is everything. A great rug, curtains hung to the ceiling, paint and a new light fixture would change everything! I would also add a soft, cool color (grey) or greige (Revere Pewter) to the room as it gets a lot of sun and would look great with a more modern color. (Yellows and beiges are out, they feel so dated!) Next, the fireplace could be painted white or grey for a modern update and the TV can sit right on top of it.

The furniture for this room was done online. The couches are IKEA, chairs JossandMain, Chandelier Overstock and coffee table JossandMain. The remaining decor would also be found online. A quick, easy and inexpensive fix to a gorgeous room!

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